Clinical studies


Clinical studies

Laboratoire LESCUYER devotes considerable resources in order for its Research & Development Department to conduct research in cooperation with healthcare professionals, independent research laboratories and public research institutes (universities, INSERM, CNRS).

Laboratoire LESCUYER is the only French food supplement company to have conducted 6 clinical trials. 

Scientific studies

Our studies are conducted at several levels:

  • basic research on cell models,
  • in-the-field studies implemented in partnership with healthcare professionals,
  • methodologically advanced clinical trials conducted in teaching hospitals (CHU) and with specialized independent laboratories.

Clinical studies

With a view to demonstrating clinically the advanced effects of its products, Laboratoire LESCUYER conducts methodologically-sound clinical trials on its food supplements. LIMICOL and NUTRAPERF were the first two products whose efficacy was demonstrated by clinical trials. Currently, further clinical trials are ongoing.

Innovation and clinical studies: quality on a daily basis

Laboratoire LESCUYER has opted to demonstrate the efficacy of its products using methodologically-advanced clinical trials. The efficacy of the food supplement, LIMICOL, was thus demonstrated in terms of the reduction in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol on the basis of 3 clinical trials conducted on volunteers presenting with moderately high cholesterol and not on lipid-lowering treatment.

Conducted using protocols very similar to those used in clinical trials on pharmaceuticals, the studies demonstrated a reduction in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol as of the first month ¹.

When clinical trials are completed, the data are analyzed and interpreted with a view to result publication in peer-reviewed international scientific journals.

The first LIMICOL clinical trial was published in a nutrition scientific journal, The European Journal of Nutrition, an internationally reputed journal and one of the worldwide references in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

¹ Mean results obtained after 1 month of supplementation for the Limicol group (3 tablets/day).
Clinical trial No. 1 conducted on 39 subjects who received supplementation with Limicol or placebo for 4 months.