Exclusive active substances and patented formulae


Exclusive active substances and patented formulae

The company has several exclusive and patented active substances.

Exclusive active substances 

The company has selected several exclusive active substances:

  • A new generation of natural anti-free radical active substances:  PHYCO-ARL, a marine bioactive substance derived from the most recent research in the field of marine biotechnology and included in OXYTONIC, PROTECTODERM and OXYBRONZ.
  • CERVONOL, a phospholipid concentrate containing a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, and PEPTOLYSOL, a source of amino acids derived from wild fish protein, used as the active substances in CERVOMÉGA.

Formulae protected by a patent

The R&D Department is currently working on the identification of new active substances:  a long-term process which involves the identification of new molecules, the development of plant extracts with standardized active substance contents, toxicological studies, demonstration of the effects at basic research level and clinical trials. Currently, 8 patents have been filed by Laboratoire LESCUYER to protect the exclusiveness of the formulae of certain products:

  • LIMICOL, a cholesterol complex with clinically proven efficacy,
  • LIBIDÉA, a unique formula combining 4 plants and an amino acid specially designed for women,
  • The majority of the formulae in the NUTRATLÉTIC range are protected by patents.