Research and Development


A scientific team oriented toward innovation

Laboratoire LESCUYER has an in-house multidisciplinary medical and scientific team consisting of:

  • a physician,
  • doctors of science, of whom 2 specialized engineers,
  • a pharmacist,
  • a dietician,
  • a data manager (management of clinical trial data).

The high-level scientific research division focuses on selecting the natural active substances affording the best guarantees of efficacy. In its research, the division draws on the international scientific literature while taking into account the traditional pharmacopoeia, which is a considerable source of information.

Active substances are selected on the basis of strict user-requirement specifications, the most important criterion being the scientific studies conducted.

When, in 2007, Laboratoire LESCUYER created its own Research and Development Department, the company wished it to reflect the R&D departments of the pharmaceutical industry both in terms of quality and rigor. 

The personnel's expertise covers the identification of new ingredients and active substances, new product formulation and development, product characterization and the setup of toxicological studies and, of course, clinical trials

Research and Development in detail...