Synergistic action of the active substances


Synergistic action of the active substances

A pioneer in formulation in compliance with the principle of synergy of action, Laboratoire LESCUYER has developed formulae of optimum strength in compliance with physiological equilibrium.

Synergistic action thanks to the action of cofactors through the activity between cofactors

The company's exclusive know-how has enabled it to develop products not from a single active substance but from combinations of several active substances that have been rigorously selected. Combination with cofactors (vitamins, minerals, etc.) enables potentiation of the actions of the active substances and enhancement of their efficacy. The conjugated action of the various constituents is known as synergy of action and yields an efficacy that is markedly superior to that obtained with each active substance administered separately.

Laboratoire LESCUYER was one of the first companies to use synergy of action by offering products combining vitamins, minerals, plants, etc. Many other companies have since followed suit!

Precise strengths and appropriate pharmaceutics

Our food supplements are formulated in compliance with the recommended daily allowances, thus preventing any risk of overdose or metabolic disturbance.

For each product, the R&D Department and Dr. LESCUYER determine the effective physiological dose.

The use of standardized titrated extracts ensures a precise strength for each tablet and the strength is reproducible from one batch to the next.

In parallel, the company decided to offer 75%* of its products in tablet form. Why?  Because that dosage form, which necessitates considerable know-how, enables inclusion of a greater quantity of the starting material than that contained in a capsule and thus yields enhanced efficacy.

*Of the various pharmaceutical forms used for the food supplement range - December 2011.