Our environmental protection

Laboratoire LESCUYER exploits the natural riches and extraordinary potential of minerals, vitamins, trace elements and plants to develop food supplements that are beneficial to health.

With a view to environmental protection, Laboratoire LESCUYER is committed to:

Careful parcel preparation using ecological materials

The parcels prepared are subject to multiple attentions:  product protection and wedging is implemented with ecological biodegradable materials manufactured from recycled paper.

Use of PEFC certified paper

By using, as a priority, PEFC-certified paper (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification), Laboratoire LESCUYER assures the consumer that the paper used is derived from sustainably-managed forests.

Selection of printers who protect the environment

With an ongoing commitment to protecting the environment, Laboratoire LESCUYER selects IMPRIM’VERT-certified printers in order to minimize the environmental impacts related to printing.

IMPRIM’VERT is a trademark set up by printers who incorporate environmental issues in their manufacturing processes, both with regard to waste disposal and the use of toxic products. Most of the printers also use plant-derived inks.

Support to associations committed to protecting the planet

Laboratoire LESCUYER supports numerous associations committed to protecting the planet. In particular, the company is involved in a reforestation program and thus contributes to the collective retimbering commitment.