Our quality charter


Our quality charter

The company's quality charter reflects its concept of micronutrition and gives rise to the high-quality level imposed on the company's various suppliers.

All the active substances used by the company are subject to rigorous selection in compliance with very strict user-requirement specifications, ensuring the perfect safety of the starting materials used: 

  • Exclusion of all plant starting materials derived from genetically-modified organisms (GMO),
  • Use of plants that are not irradiated,
  • Food supplements guaranteed to be preservative-, aspartame- and acesulfame potassium-free.
  • Selection of the fish oils used in compliance with the strictest requirements and for an optimum purity level.
  • Selection of cold-pressed plant oils in order to ensure their nutritional and physiological properties.
  • The capsules and soft capsules used for products containing oily active substances are exclusively of natural origin.

The quality commitment is also expressed through the choice of short supply lines reflecting the commitment to traceability and the company's commitment to protecting the environment.

French and European suppliers are preferred for starting material supply.

The principal manufacturing site is certified ISO 22000, an international standard relating to the safety of food stuffs (food safety, traceability).

The approach is carried through to its logical conclusion. On a daily basis, packages are prepared with ecological materials;  the paper used is certified PEFC1 or FSC2. The printers selected are certified IMPRIM’VERT which means that they address environmental issues in the manufacturing process.

1 Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification
2 Forest Stewardship Council ensuring the use of sustainably sourced paper