Laboratoire LESCUYER and you

A specialist in micronutrition for over 20 years, Laboratoire LESCUYER devotes its know-how to the formulation, selection and choice of starting materials.

We offer you a wide range of natural food supplements formulated from vitamins, minerals, trace elements, lactic acid bacteria, essential fatty acids and plant extracts.

Over 20 years of commitment to healthcare professionals

In the forefront of micronutritional progress, the range of food supplements offered is widely recognized and advised by numerous healthcare professionals.

The Laboratoire LESCUYER medical and scientific team places its expertise at the disposal of healthcare professionals in the context of training courses, seminars and national and international congresses.

In order to celebrate 20 years of commitment to your health, on 7 June 2014, Laboratoire LESCUYER held its first Micronutrition Symposium dedicated to healthcare professionals.

Laboratoire LESCUYER

A range of over 80 products combining quality and rigor

In order to ensure that our customers receive products of superior quality, we have set up strict and rigorous in-house procedures at each stage from design through to marketing.

Our commitment is reflected by:

  • the selection of starting materials, mainly of natural origin, whose safety has been perfectly demonstrated,
  • implementation of numerous controls at all stages of manufacture and control of traceability,
  • compliance with the French and European regulatory requirements,
  • food safety:  our principal production site is certified ISO 22000 (standard ensuring an optimum level of food safety).

Our vocation:  offering high-quality rigorously-designed products containing natural ingredients and embodying the principle of synergy.