Doctor Lescuyer's passion: your well-being on a daily basis

"My responsibilities as a physician practicing natural medicine - homeopathy, phytotherapy, nutritherapy - have led me to conclude that health is based on diet and micronutrient supplementation.

A former pupil of Dr. Catherine Kousmine, pioneer of nutritherapy, I decided to place my experience at the disposal of that discipline. In 1994, my wife and I created Laboratoire LESCUYER, which has since become a major player on the food supplement market.

Formulating appropriate food supplements at precise dosages; selecting the best active substances; remaining attentive to you and increasingly close to you: these are how I conceive Laboratoire LESCUYER's mission, which I have been implementing for over 20 years.

At the forefront of micronutrition, the range of food supplements offered is widely recognized and advised by numerous healthcare professionals."

Our vocation:  'Offering high-quality products rigorously designed and based on natural ingredients fulfilling the principle of synergy.'

Interview with Dr. Jean-François Lescuyer

  • How did your interest in micronutrition begin?

As a physician, I have always practiced natural medicines. My meeting with Dr. Catherine KOUSMINE convinced me of the potential offered by micronutrition and I began practicing it in my office.

  • Why did you decide to create your own food supplement company?

Simply because I could not find food supplements appropriate for my patients' cases!  At the time, the micronutrition offer was almost non-existent and simply consisted in a few vitamins, magnesium and calcium, with few high-quality natural products. With my wife's support, I therefore took the decision to create Laboratoire LESCUYER with the aim of developing products fulfilling my expectations for the benefit of my patients.

  • How was your vision of equilibrium and health viewed?

When the company began operating in 1994, I was sometimes confronted with the incredulousness of some of my colleagues with respect to micronutrition, which was not then a fashionable phenomenon. More than 20 years later, while there is still progress to be made, that branch of nutrition has become established and it is now impossible to turn back the page. Research is increasingly active, new studies are regularly published ... but even more effort work is still needed!

  • What is the role of micronutrition in the solutions for patient management available to healthcare professionals?

Micronutrition exerts considerable leverage in metabolic rehabilitation but it continues to be excessively under-estimated. I am used to comparing its effects with those of the water with which one waters a wilted plant:  the plant ceases to droop, resumes its vigor and turns green again. From that metaphor, my ambition to create the Laboratory and make innovation available to the greatest number of people possible was born.