More than 20 years of expertise


A range of 80 products combining high quality and rigor

With 80 products and over 100 references, Laboratoire LESCUYER now offers numerous ranges designed to maintain and improve health. With regard to food supplements, dietetic products and cosmetics, Laboratoire LESCUYER is committed to developing innovative, effective and safe healthcare products.

Healthcare professionnals' support and trust

From the outset, Laboratoire LESCUYER involved physicians, dieticians, homeopaths, phytotherapists and micronutrition experts in its work. The range of food supplements offered is widely recognized and advised by numerous healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals are the main interfaces for products developed by the company and have contributed to building the company's reputation.

Dr. LESCUYER made healthcare professionals aware of natural medicines, his preferred interlocutors, and established with them a lasting relationship of trust. Dr. LESCUYER rapidly understood that it was necessary to accompany healthcare professionals on a daily basis in their knowledge and practices. Conferences, seminars and congresses, both national and international, are regularly held for healthcare professionals. Training courses for healthcare professionals who wish to become aware of micronutrition are also offered on a monthly basis throughout France. These "Micronutrition appointments" enable healthcare professionals to further their knowledge of micronutrition and address the cases most frequently encountered in their consultations. Laboratoire LESCUYER offers the opportunity for healthcare professionals to benefit from the sharing of knowledge and experience.

A family company oriented toward innovation

Famille Lescuyer

In 1994, after 15 years of practice and commitment to his patients, Dr. LESCUYER created, with his wife, Dominique, his own micronutrition company in order to develop innovative products which would at last meet patients' expectations and needs. From the founding of the company until this very day, Ms. Dominique LESCUYER is the preferred interface with healthcare professionals. In 2006, the couple's daughter, Charlotte, joined the company to manage the Event Division, organizing congresses, training courses and conferences. In 2012, Charlotte LESCUYER formed the Laboratoire LESCUYER Corporate Foundation. In 2014, her brother, Raphaël, joined the company.

With a view to offering healthcare solutions to the greatest number of patients, the company is now building its future with a team of personnel members who are passionate about the universe of micronutrition and oriented toward innovation.

Laboratoire LESCUYER:  "A family history and an entire team at your service".


Key dates in over 20 years of existence Highlights

  • 1994:  Foundation of the company close to La Rochelle. Launch of 7 products, including OXYTONIC and BACTIVIT.
  • 2000:  Laboratoire LESCUYER relocated to Aytré, close to La Rochelle:  33 products, 16 personnel members.
  • 2005:  The company built its new headquarters at Aytré, near La Rochelle.
  • 2006:  Launch of the first e-commerce website:  51 products, 29 personnel members.
  • 2007:  Creation of the Research & Development Department.
  • 2009:  Launch of NUTRATLETIC, a sports nutrition range.
  • 2010:  1st clinical trial demonstrating the efficacy of LIMICOL:  40 personnel members, 73 products.
  • 2012:  
    - 2nd and 3rd clinical trials demonstrating the efficacy of LIMICOL.
    - Publication of the 1st clinical trial on LIMICOL in an international journal:  The European Journal of Nutrition
    - Creation of the Laboratoire LESCUYER Corporate Foundation
  • 2013:  The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) recognizes the efficacy of LIMICOL.
  • 2014:  Organization of the 1st Micronutrition Symposium dedicated to healthcare professionals.

Key figures for 2014

  • 50 personnel members
  • 80 products
  • 100 references
  • 7 medical and scientific experts